Eyes of the Amaryllis

Eyes of the Amaryllis - Sift LP now available to listen and download here; physical copies available in the UK via Horn of Plenty. In the US, e-mail us to order a copy.

New video for the second single Fence Hobbyist by Musa Andrews:

Watch the video for the first single Every Year:

Eyes of the Amaryllis C46 now available via Cor Ardens.

Listen here:

Download this album for free here or see Cor Ardens website to purchase physical cassette.

1.Brine (00:00-03:33)
2.Slip of Theseus (03:34-06:11)
3.Aleatoric Memory (06:12-13:07)
4.Raspberry (13:08-17:24)
5.The Drain Field (17:25-19:13)
6.Gertrude at the Beach (19:14-22:09)
7.Waiting for an Idle Secret (22:10-27:33)
8.3--2 (27:43-29:42)
9.If All Remains (29:43-31:41)
10.Under the Stairs (31:42-34:09)
11.Molasses Time (34:10-39:16)
12.A Living Painting (39:17-41:35)
13.Twaeblade (41:36-42:59)
14.Jennie and Dean (43:00-45:24)